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Research Association

Medicine, Music, Light.

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About us

About us

Our non-profit association was founded more than ten years ago and aims to advance research and networking in the field of light medicine and music impact research. We strive to promote the sciences in these areas and improve people’s quality of life in the process.

In order to achieve our goals, we work closely with Austrian and international research facilities, clinical facilities and corporate partners. Drawing on this cooperation, we are able to contribute valuable input regarding new therapy methods and technologies that can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Our association

Among scientists, this century is often referred to as the “photon century". UNESCO declared the year 2015 the International Year of Light to increase the public’s awareness of the meaning of light as well as music. These findings are slowly catching on in the field of medicine, opening up a wide array of potential for many therapeutic measures.

The purpose of our non-profit association is to promote and propagate these areas of fundamental research as well as applied research regarding the impact of music and light medicine.

Über mich

Why you should become a member of our site

Members with an account on our website have access to the menu item “studies”, the centrepiece of our association’s work. This site features one of the most extensive collections of studies, research papers and progress reports in the fields of light medicine and music impact research. 

As a member of our community, you can comment, discuss, save and share contributions on our website. 

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!



What do we inform people about?


Wound healing and pain management


Progress reports / Testimonials


Music impact research


Research and science

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